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the benEfits

  • Save money & Save the planet 

  • Notice the difference immediately 

  • Higher fuel economy 

  • Lower emissions

  • Increased power 

  • Increased Throttle response 

  • Smoother running 

  • Smoother idle 

  • Extends the life of your vehicles : 

  • Inlet manifold 

  • Egr valve 

  • Swirl flaps 

  • Turbos 

  • Inlet Valves 

  • Dpf filters 

  • & more 

the science

The black Residue is a build up of carbon deposit, a natural side effect of any petrol or diesel combustion engine. 

It begins to restrict the flow of air around the vital parts of the engine

The carbon cleaning process breaks down this residue and reverts the engine to a cleaner and therefor more optimum state. 

Vastly Improving fuel economy,

engine power, throttle response,

emissions and the premature failure of many expensive engine components. 

the process

  • The engine is brought up to normal operating temperature

  • The air filter is removed

  • HHO gas is fed into the air intake.

  • The engine is left idling for approx. 60 minutes (or more depending on the engine size & mileage) with occasional harsh revving, during which the carbon deposits are progressively removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe.  

  • Simple Fast and Effective

  • Pays for itself 

  • Cleans pistons crowns, valves, EGR valves

  • Restores air and exhaust gas flow and hence improves performance

  • Reduces emissions

  • Improves bhp 

  • Improves mpg.

  • Simple process

price list

  • 1 Vehicle - £99*

  • 2 Vehicles - £170*

  • 3+Vehicles - £75 each*

                *Vehicles 3.5L and under. Please get in touch for larger vehicle prices

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